Participant experience during a poster session on Fourwaves

This article explains how participant can participate to virtual poster sessions on Fourwaves.

Video Summary

Watch the video below for a summary.

Log in with the Email Used During Registration 

On the event website, click Log in form the menu. Enter the email address used during the registration to the event.

You might need to activate your account or reset your password.

Browse Presentations

From the event menu, click the Presentations tab (it can be called differently eg. Poster Hall).

Button to access the poster hall.

Use the search bar and filters to find specific presentations.

See Where Discussions are Happening

If there is a live conversation, the number of people in the conversation will be displayed on the submission's list and on the submission's page.

How many participants are in a conversation

Use the tabs to explore a presentation

On the page of a presentation, you'll find different tabs to explore it. The tabs can vary from one presentation to the other and from one event to the other.

You can have the abstract, figures, slides, a poster and a video.

You can have the abstract, figures, slides, a poster and a video.

Call a presenter at their poster

When the virtual poster session is live you will see a button to Call the presenter at the bottom.Button to call the presenter

The first time you join a video call, your browser might ask permission to use the camera and microphone.

  1. Click Authorize to give access to your camera or microphone.
  2. Click I'm ready, let me in!

Click I'm ready, let me in!

Listen mode

There can be up to 12 participants in a video conversation. Presenters and judges can bypass this limit at any time.

When the 12 participant limit is reached, up to 250 participants can still join as listeners. When a spot becomes available in video, a listener can join in video.

Simply click Join when prompted.

Conversation toolbar

When in a video conversation, there is a conversation toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of the control bar

The toolbar allows different actions:

  1. Toggle the camera on/off.
  2. Toggle the microphone on/off.
  3. Turn on screen sharing.
  4. Change the source of the camera and microphone.
  5. Open the live chat.
  6. Hang up or exit the conversation.

Hiding or making the conversation fullscreen

On the top right of the conversation panel, you will see a button to:

  • Bring the conversation full-screen.
  • Move the conversation panel to the side.

Buttons to change the full screen mode