How to present a virtual poster session on Fourwaves

This article gives an overview of the experience for virtual poster presenters on Fourwaves.

Video Summary

Here's a video that summarizes the experience.

Log in

On the event website, click Log in. Enter the email address used during the registration to the event.

You might need to activate your account or reset your password.

Find your presentation 

From the event website menu, click on the page that lists presentations.

Use filters or the search bar to find specific presentations. You can type in your name to find yours.

Enter the video conversation room

When you're visiting your poster, you will see a button at the bottom that says Enter conversation room.

If the poster session is not yet started, it will say when the virtual conversation rooms open.

If you're not in your conversation room and a participant tries to call you at your poster, you will see a notification to Join the call:

A pop-up button will also be displayed on the event website

Please refer to the following articles if you encounter issues when joining a video conversation:

Give browser access to camera and microphone

Error message when connecting to video conference

Control bar

From the control bar at the bottom you can:

  • Stop/start the camera
  • Mute/Unmute the microphone
  • Start the share screening
  • Select the camera and mic input
  • Access the live chat
  • Quit the conversation

Note: for Mac users, you might need to give your operating system permission to share your screen. See this article for more information.

Laser pointer

You can use the laser pointer to present your poster. See this article.